Geeetech A30M rebuilt with Duet2wifi


The motherboard of my Geeetech A30M was broken, due to a defective Y-axis motor as I experienced later.  I ordered a new Smartto motherboard from Geeetech, installed it and it broke down again, due to the shortcut in the Y motor. Very strange defect since the smartto board uses plug-in drivers.  However, unrepairable and a real pity to now be stuck with 2 smartto boards without any use for them with both having a defect on the Y output.   Exchanging drivers did not help, cables exchange did not help either…

the original smartto motherboard

After replacing the Y-motor,I decided to go for a complete rebuild of the A30M.  In the old files you can still see the original smartto experiences on the A30M HERE.

Above, the movie of the first Duet2wifi experiences and the Chimera hotend.  Later, I decided to make the extruders direct-driven.

Get my  A30M config.g for reprap 3 Duet2wifi  for the original mixing hotend (1 nozzle, 2 extruders).

Get my hotend to motherboard cable and pin assignment  via the following link: 2020 12 09 improved A30M Extruder toolhead cable to board after adding dual hotend dual nozzle dual heater and dual temp sensors

The chimera hotend, combined with dual direct drive bondtech extruders


This is the Paneldue 4.3 inch touch panel as mounted in the A30M case, with a very slim bezel since the Paneldue is mounted flush with the front of the A30M case.
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