3d Printers – overview

At the moment (2022-01) I have the following 3d printers up and running:

  1. Voron DIY 2.4 300x300x300 extremely fast ABS/ASA printer
  2. Twotrees Sapphire Pro ‘enclosed’ very fast ABS/ASA printer
  3. Prusa mini very good for PETG primarily
  4. I3 Prusa Bear DIY Fly-CDY-V2 with dual Z axes, 0.6mm nozzle for PLA/ PETG
  5. I3 Prusa Bear ‘plus’ DIY with dual magnetic carriages and sensorless Xhoming
  6. A30M Duet2wifi Geetech dual extruder switchable mono or dual head
  7. Delta G2S Duet2wifi Geetech single head speedprinter 0.8 mm nozzle
  8. Kingroon KP3 mini with full extension package (rails, extruder, firmware..)
  9. Flashforge adventurer 3 all-original almost never used
  10. Ender3pro with TT mini e3 V2.1 , workhorse with 0.6 mm nozzle for PETG
  11. Prusa mini clone (but I can’t tell the difference..) for PETG primarily
  12. E3D Toolchanger met 4xHemera DD’s
  13. Mini Monoprice Delta printer
Prusa mini clone
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