MACH-3 integrated driver board USB-CNC-MDK2

My main supplier of parts is Aliexpress, and I also buy a lot from Banggood.

At Aliexpress, I recently discovered a board that will interact with Mach3 and has onboard drivers for larger stepper motors like Nema23.

This board takes 24 Volts,  has a USB connection to the PC, an SD card slot and 2 x MPEG/control connectors 15-pin/3-row.

I ordered me 1 of these boards to test it on my CNC mill:

Usb Cnc MDK2 4 Axis TB6560 Stepper motor Controller with Mpg Interface 100Khz Driver Breakout Board

I have this tested with Nema23, 24 Volts and the accompanying firm- and software.

It was quite some puzzling to get the drivers installed and I discovered I had to switch off the Windows 10 security feauture that prevents unsigned drivers to be installed.  You can set this off via a procedure which restarts your PC via a series of keyclicks and restart options in the Windows menu. It can all be found on the Internet.  After this, the board worked perfect.

I also bought a handwheel set, which has a male 15 pin VGA connector, as does the board.  I ended up ordering me a female-to-female 15 pin VGA unit from Ale, will see if this works.

The other 15-pin connector (also male) can be used for simple switches to direct all axes up/down or forward/backwards.  I will use this to make auto toggle swtches directly at the machine, next to the Nema steppers.  I have some nice jogging handles that will fit perfect for this.

Also, I bought e a 4th axis unit hat will get connected to this boardon the Minimill.





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