Mamiya RZ67 repair shutter release electronics problem(s)

When repairing electronics, I always make a lot of picture up front. This helps especially with identifying the small components, both for the function as well for their specific value/type.

What makes this repair more difficult is the fact that, although I do have the repair manual, no schematics of the working of the electronics is available.

This means that I will have to work with the block schematics and the wiring scheme, only.

But- a reference is available for all of the voltages versus the pressed buttons at cetera. That will help, of course.  And I identified all SMD components, including the transistors.  Fortunately, all can still be bought online.

If you look at the added pictures, it appears that this REV2 print and its connected electronics have been upgraded- or repaired-  at an earlier stage.

That could mean that this identifies an earlier problem.

First, I checked all reference voltages related to the camera’s settings and then I identified anything out of the ordinary.

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