Traction Avant repair 3-speed gearbox with 2 broken teeth on 2nd gear

After the purchase, the TA’s gearbox turned out to be defective. 2  teeth were missing from the 2nd gear.  Later I (fortunately) discovered both teeth in the gearbox’s oil sump.

This second gear is the most vulnerable gear, especially because people often try to drag a TA in 2nd gear. 

Or they try to get the engine loose by force dragging it in 2nd gear.

Fortunately I was able to buy a NOS gear via the TA club warehouse and after an evening of reading the garage manual I dismantled and reassembled it. 

Easy to do most of this myself. With help from my brother in his garage, to set the Timken bearings at the correct tension and adjust the play of the differential.

Also mounted new oil seals.



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