Mamiya RZ67 bellows replacement

Replacing the bellows of the RZ67 camera can be broken up in two parts:

1) The actual replacing as taking it out and in again, where the steel plates that hold the bellows are taken out and in with the actual bellows attached to this.  this procedure is described in the repair manual.n  You will need a very long X screwdriver for this, with a small nose.  And some patience, good lighting and (in my case) additional glasses.  And- if you replace the internal cloth part of the bellows: You will require some special light-blocking foam when mounting the bellows back in again.

2)The more complex replacement is taking the in-between cloth part of the bellows off the steel plating and replacing this with a new bellows unit, as you can buy on ebay/ aliexpress et cetera.  That’s what I will describe and show you in this post.

Steps to take:

Remove the cloth from upper-and lower part with use of dessicant, and tricloorethane or any other solvent that does not affect the paint on the steel plating.  ‘debonding might do the trick here.

Clean the steel plating.

Test-fit the new bellows on the steel plates;

put some glue on the rear steel plate, where the connection was in the old situation.

Put the bellows on the glued plate and use a brush with a bit of glue to attach the bellows to the steel plate.

Let it dry.

Do the same for the other steel plate.

Let it all dry.

Mount some foam as lightshield on the connecting part of the steel plates

First, mount the bellow to the camera’s largest part with the 4 screw in the corners( only 4 screws on this side!)

Then, extend the front to maximum and screw the bellows with the 9 screws to the front, through the camera’s inside.  Just screw the screws in a little bit, do not yet tighten. First do 3 or 4 on the outside, then the rest. After the last is in, tighten them all.

You’re done!

After the new bellows is  glued on the steel frame, part 1 will be done.

Now there is just a gap in the camera where the bellows used to be:

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