Our 3d printers, managed by OCTOPI and Duet Web Controller

Above: Our Dual Bear I3 dual color 3d printer with independant carriages, this one does not run octopi and is remotely managed by Duet Web Control (DWC).

Above: The Voron 2.4, dimensions 300x300x220 mm

Prusa Bear I3plus with mods like dual Z axis control. This printer runs Duet and  DWC.


Kingroon Kp3S heavily modded with new firmware and tool fan. This printer runs with Octopi for remote management.


Twotrees Sapphire PRO with new firmware, also with octopi.


Voron 2.4 for Nylon and ABS printing, with external exhaust and 300+ degC printhead, bed up to 150 degC.  Also runs octopi.


Prusa i3 mini original, the production monster for PETG. Also on octopi.


And the Twotrees Sapphire pro, our perfect printer for fast production, also on octopi.


And the multicolour completely rebuilt Geeetech A30M dual head printer with a new Duet2Wifi motherboard, dual Chimera heatblock and direct drive extruders.  This one runs Duet with DWC instead of Octopi.



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