FLY 407 Motherboard RRF3+ wifi + BTT 2.4 inch TFT + multi-extruder


I got the Mellow Fly 407 board in today, and it now works awesome!

I hooked the Mellow dedicated wifi unit to EXP 1 and EXP2 and to the serial TFT connection, programmed the microSDcard offline on the PC with the files from the proposed Github site and it all went great!  (The little added user manual is very good, just follow the directions and it can’t go wrong!)

Burnt the board’s firmware first, then the firmware of the wifi esp module and after setting up the wifi with YAT via USB, I programmed the wifi settings.  Then, with the Duet’s WDC PC-remote console via wifi, I uploaded the FLY 407 motherboard with all the latest available firmware: RRF3.4 beta and the latest wifi- and DWC versions.

Then, I removed the serial connection between the TFT connection on the motherboard and the wifi module and plugged in the BTT 2.4 inch TFT at the same serial port.  Since there is only 1 tft port available, I use the same serial port as I used for programming the esp wifi module.  I already put the RRF3 firmware on the TFT unit.

Well, the results are awesome! On the TFT after connecting you see the extruder step from 0 to 1-2-3-4 and back to 0 so this all works very nice!

I must be honest here: I also tried the Mellow 7 inch screen but this is not yet really working as well to me as the little BTT screen IMHO.  The Fly screen is a lot bigger, though, and the Fly 7 inch TFT has great potential.  I know that it will also take some getting used to the FLY’s TFT screen layouts.  The access to the macro and gcode directory is nice, but since everything is placed differently than the PanelDue screens, it might just take some time to appreciate it more.

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