Minimill CNC conversion WMD16LV Z-axis adapter for NEMA23 and M3 teethed belt

New version V3 after the second fit:

The mount on the Z-column needed to get UP so the NEMA23 teethed wheel gets at the same level as the wheel that is mounted on the leadscrew.

Required hardware:

  • 3d printed Z-axis adapter
  • Nema23 stepper 76 mm length with enough torque, 8mm axle diameter
  • 48teeth M3 teethed  wheel of 11mm width, 10mm hole with collar for the leadscrew
  • 24 teeth M3 teethed wheel 11mm width , 8mm hole with collar for the Nema23 stepper motor
  • new M6 40mm length bolts flathead for the top connection to the Z column
  • 4 bolts and nuts M5 to mount the Nema 23 stepper
  • teethed belt 300mm M3 (100 teeth) 9 or 10mm

OR, use the 72 teethed wheel on the leadscrew and get a larger length belt of (I  estimate) 330-350 mm

OR.. another way to mount the Nema23stepper is at the rear of the Z column, BUT I don’t want it to stick out at the rear, that’s why I decided to mount the stepper at the left of the Z-column…

This is the 72 teeth 11 mm width teethed wheel that I will probably use for the final mount at the Z-axes. But not with this bracket at the rear. Unfortunately this bracket does not easily fit at the left or right side of the Z-column. I might make a fitting piece to mount it at the left, though. We’ll see how good the 3d printed parts will perform and if needed the Z-axis will be the easiest to use a standard bracket for mounting the stepper motor as shown above.

GOTO the X axis adapter

GOTO the Y axis adapter


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