Minimill CNC conversion WMD16LV Y-axis 3d printed adapter for NEMA23 and M3 teethed belt

The design for the Y-axis mounting plate for the Nema23 stepper  is shown below and can be 3dprinted or, as I will do after the printed part proves to fit well, CNC it in aluminium on my CNC Indymill router.

The Y-axis adapter proved to be the most difficult design.  It took me 15 trial prints before I got everyting fully optimized.  And I also wanted to have a debree screen with a removable lid, which took some energy to test this.  Also, the belt has to have a clean route where it sits between the wheel.

The physical data for this setup:

  • Nema23 stepper motor
  • 3d printed parts: a: Baseplate inclusing risers for motormount and shield; b: lid
  • Teethed wheel for the Nema23 8mm axle: 10mm wide, 24 teeth M3 with chest
  • Teethed wheel for the leadscrew 10mm axle: 10mm wide: 48 teeth M3 with chest, machined on the teethed inside 9mm depth with a  width of 33 mm diameter to fit the chest of the leadscrew bearing holder
  • The fitting belt is 9mm wide, 300 mm long and has 100 teeth (M3)

GOTO the MiniMill’s X-axis CNC Nema23 mounting plate

GOTO the MiniMill’s Z-axis CNC Nema23 mounting plate


Machined the inner part out on the lathe so it will slide for about 9mm over the Y axis’ leadscrew bearing holder

And now the wheel can move over the bearing holder to the right
This saves 9mm mounting space and now the machined handwheel can be replaced, if so desired.  But the handwheel needs to be machined first, to get the dial off.

the small holes can be used to place the lid on the debree screen with small 2.5 mm dia screws  Or, you van leave the lid off and put a wheel on as I have done on the Z-axis.  You must machine the dial off the wheel so it gets thin enough to mount on the remaining M8 leadscrew-end.  A little part of the 10mm shaft will stick out  with my method to keep the handwheel centered.

GOTO the X axis adapter

GOTO the Z axis adapter


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