Indymill CNC with Estlcam and Arduino Mega

The Estlcam software is a very well working all-in one solution for CNC machines.

The software has the capability to work with many hardware providers of driver boards like f.i. a simple Arduino mega.

BUT- working with add-ons is limited.  The Ramps shield configuration is supported but not with individually homing of any axes.  However, if you let Estlcam program the firmware of the Arduino Mega, everything works out of the box.  BUT-you will need to connect all the wiring directly to the Mega.

In my search for the best working and most simple solution for driving the Indymill, this Estlcam configuration will be tested as well.

I am still searching for a shield that -in combination with Estlcam and an Arduino Mega or Due- will do everything I want/need like inclusion of 6-7 TMC2209 drivers on 24-48 Volts, dual axes  on X and Y,  dual endstops (high and low), mist/flood switches, LED WS2812 steering, emergency switches/power cuts, spindle RPM and on/off control, et cetera.

The MPCNC shield looks promising but there are others available, also.

The Tillboard shield is also nice,  however I am missing some driver positions for my needs.

One of the nice things of Estlcam is that it will also work with all of the parallel and USB CNC boards that are available like all Chinese clones.  I have some laying around and tried these, they all work well providing you will set it up correctly within Estlcam.

I recently (2021-11) bought an OpenCNC h/w kit from Timo Altholtmann (Germany)  that runs on 2 Arduino Mega mini’s  and is controlled by a.o.Estlcam.


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