DIY windbelt for simple and free energy

A magnet is set into vibration as the wind brings a tightly stretched string or tape into resonance. The magnet is attached to the tape and moves in a coil of copper wire.  The coil is connected to a rectifier and provides energy as the magnet moves back and forth.

That’s the principle of the windbelt.

There have been some initiatives with windbelts around 2010, but you need quite a few of them to make a little energy.  And, of course, it has to be blowing….

Solutions have been made with large numbers of windbelts mounted in windows, in vineyards between fields, and also in areas where there is no electricity at all but the wind does blow.

If you combine a number of windbelts with a solar panel you can make fairly off-grid calls…. -)

Example of a window setup with windbelts:

Example of another DIY kit:

(We can supply this kit on request, we always have 10+ kits on stock)

Other DIY examples:

The theory:

Resonance theory with the famous narrow bridge @ Tacoma narrows that collapsed in 1940 , November 7th, due to the wind :


And another setup of a working windbelt:

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