Mazda 3 (2004) Android 11, 10 inch head unit with Steering Wheel Controls SWC

Just (2023-5-28) got the new Android 11 CARPLAY head unit installed in our red Mazda 3 //  1.3 BK(2004).

All went very easy, except the Steering wheel controls.  Turned out I had to cut the delivered control connectrion for SWC2 that went into the OBD control module and reconnect this directly between the head unit and the Mazda’s big connector.  Just like with our previous Android 6 head unit, which in the end got so slow that we decided to toss it for a new one.

The new one is a very fast Andoid 11, octacore 1,6 Ghz 6GB/128GB device, we expect it to outlive the car this time!

We use it mainly for navigating and the new head unit has 2 IMEI’s so we can install a simcard or just share internet with our phone.  We also have android auto which can be sort of nice, although we’ll probably not use that.

The FM radio is very good, and the amplifier as well.

This is what it looks like in the car:

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