Citroën id20 cabrio rims refurbishing

I balanced my rims myself last time on my balancing machine.

The reason is, that I can’t find a company in the neighborhood where that is still done.

Almost all tire companies now only work with rims that have a standard central hole in them for tensioning the rim.

I bought a new tire machine a few years ago, and with it the appropriate tensioning plates for both my ID20 and my Traction Avant 11BN.

When balancing, I found that on both the Traction and the ID, the rims are not all round and certainly not flat.

With the Traction I had quite a few available rims, so I chose the best ones and put new Michelin originals around them.

For the DS I have to do this again and that is scheduled for the 2022 refurbishment.

I had The Traction rims powder coated in cream white, the same color as the original rim color.  Except the spare, as shown above…

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